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While ago I was thinking very deeply on how can someone uberize the recruiting industry. There is an interesting article on this matter called: "The Uberization of Recruitment". Well let’s look at what has happened to recruitement industry over the last 15 years or so.

Firstly, we have seen the rise of online job boards such as,, Jobsite and Jobserve. Some would argue in less than 10 years the effectiveness of job boards has reduced by their inability to attract high calibre candidates.

Secondly, we have witnessed the introduction of the in-house recruitment team. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) operators are common in many companies. There are arguments about the value of these services, especially in filling niche or senior positions. As organizational success is closely related to the selection of high performance leaders is the RPO model the right selection methodology to use to select a company’s future leaders?

Thirdly, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest global professional network with over 400 million members. LinkedIn has been a major disrupter of the recruitment industry as it has allowed candidates to be identified and approached by recruiters and companies. LinkedIn makes most of its revenue selling packages to recruitment companies. However, will LinkedIn become a victim of its own success in the medium to long term? Given the ease in which potential candidates can be contacted has led to some of them switching off their LinkedIn accounts and moving to other networks. This is certainly the case in the technology industry with the rise of StackOverflow, Bitbucket and Github.

So, as I am not having bandwidth soon to build a MVP on such ideas, I am sharing my thoughts about a potential platform in this blog post. I name this potential MVP as "", if someone think this is a good idea feel free grab it and implement it. I would like to see uber model on recruiting. So what is

HireTheBest will be the biggest recruiting firm that has no recruiter.

The brand promises:

  • Cheaper than any recruiting firms
  • Higher quality than any job boards
  • Faster than any recruiting model

Business Model:

  • Employers pay per successful hiring (we do not care about probation)
  • will pay the recruiter’s commision
  • will pay bonus to the hired job seeker (similar to

How it works:

  1. Employers will post job for free in,
  2. Employers determine the annual salary of the vacancy, will block 10% of annual salary on employer’s credit card
  3. matches the job to the best recruiters
  4. Recruiters will start referring candidates using our simplified ATS (Application Tracking System)
  5. As soon as one candidate is hired by employer, will transfers the money to recruiter and candidate. (70% to recruiter, 15% to candidate and 15% is’s share)

What do we offer Recruiters for free:

  1. We offer leads from employers
  2. Career Site (each recruiter will have their own web site such as: that job seekers can:
    1. Sign up for Job Alert
    2. Follow the recruiter
    3. Search and Apply for jobs
  3. Applicant Tracking
  4. Candidate Sourcing
  5. Commision Management
  6. Interview Management
  7. Mass Email to Job Seekers (pay per email)
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