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Career Scheduling

It is said that “you do not know what do you want unless you pen it down”. After working for approximately one decade during which I achieved most of my goals, I felt a necessity to envisage my career.

Besides I rather to employ scheduling term instead of planning. I do have notable objections regarding “career planning” which made me to move on “career scheduling”; such as:

  • Planning needs an initial state which in my case the initial is a mobile inception and had started in bygone.

  • In planning people do not consider the constraints or impediments because they do not know how long it is going to take. I think career specially nowadays is limited by several impediments such as economic crisis.

  • In planning there is an order for actions but due to life events, career can’t be fit into a time-box.

  • Planning is a causal or inductive reasoning but in my opinion career acquires resource or deductive


Career Goal Statement

I would like to achieve a C level position either in a financial services or my own company. A C level job that I am foreseeing is limited to these options:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Architect


Preparation – Thinking about my Career 

I do have some inclinations on different domains of IT industry, in the following table I tried to depict each of my desires: 

Domain NameExplanation


I have always been in love with technology, and I consider myself somewhere between early adopters and early majority. This means that I am trying to simultaneously be both: visionary and pragmatist. 


Being a visionary is one of my core competencies and I always want to make future. So I should be able to have an impact on the future of enterprises.

Hereafter, I am a technical guy whose head is in the skies to be aware of future but his legs are on the ground. 

Business Growth 

I would like to have direct involvement in ROI and TCO through technological and strategical decisions. So I can help my enterprise to have a significant improvement. 

Interpersonal Skills 

This is an area which is enlivening me indeed. I have a strong willing for communication and I really want to develop my model on communication within an IT group. 

You can download career plan of Chris Shayan in the attachment. 

  File Modified
PDF File CareePlanTemplate.pdf May 12, 2013 by Chris Shayan

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