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Recommendations from Mates

I have had the privilege to work with Chris in a large development project run in Stockholm, Sweden and in Kuala Lumpur. Chris has been the technical leader in Kuala Lumpur.  The best thing about Chris is that he has the ability to lift his colleagues and says what he thinks. He has with his high technical expertise contributed to ensure project delivery. 
I wish Chris all the best in their future challenges and if i had the opportunity to work with Chris again. I would! March 5, 2013

Peter Leijonspjuth worked with Chris at S|E|B 

Chris is an excellent colleague to work with. He has a high ambition and contributes always to find the best solutions. I can highly recommend him. March 4, 2013

Elisabet Otterstedt managed Chris indirectly at S|E|B

Shayan is a hard worker with deep view to analyse the business.He established, designed and developed i-Paradise(I don't know what's it's name in new releases) framework with some best known technologies and frameworks of j2ee such as Spring, Struts, Hibernate and etc. We used this framework in a large scale web application named "Billing & Customer Care" and it gave us faster and easier development. October 11, 2012

Payman Baradari worked indirectly for Chris at S|E|B

Chris is very dedicated to his work. Experienced, knowledgeable, very high quality work, deep understanding of technologies, excellent attention to detail and not to mention it was a pleasure working with him and an amazing personality to be around. August 28, 2012

Jasmin Foo worked directly with Chris at S|E|B 

Chris and I had some chances working in ON Semiconductor - my experience working with Chris was very good and he had been always forefront of technology know-how. A geek by nature! August 27, 2012

Wai-Hoe worked directly with Chris at S|E|B

Chris is a great communicator and supervisor. Always approachable, Chris's attitude and determination shine through any tough projects. He looks at the problems from different point of view and suggests great solutions. I appreciate having the chance to have him as my mentor. August 24, 2012

Fateme (Business Process Manager at Ashna System Co ) reported to Chris at S|E|B 

“It is an honor for me to work with a truely skilled, intelligent and passionate Software Architect. I believe you are the next generation of leader who lead by example and strive for followership. Thank you for inspiring me and all your followers. "Some birds are not meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too shiny."” June 11, 2012

Chee Kiat Ng Sr. Java Developer, Vedel IT Services Sdn. Bhd. worked directly with Chris at S|E|B

“Chris is very knowledgeable about enterprise software development and architecture. In a short time, Chris was able to understand the current integration architecture and the challenges that the support team was facing, and make actionable suggestions to improve it. Chris is very knowledgeable about various open source solutions to common technical challenges, and is able to use that experience to make recommendations for both process improvement as a development team, and technical improvement to the software architecture. Chris is an excellent colleague, and continues to be a sounding board for the team, even after some parties have moved on.”March 9, 2012

Jonathan Van Camp , Sr. Software Engineer / Development Manager, On Semiconductor

Besides having learned a lot of design patterns while working with Chris, and never failed to be impressed each time, he has always been a passionate coder and very proactive in the sense that he always managed to come up with some comprehensive and yet future-proof solutions during the design phase.” November 1, 2011

Chai Ling LumSr. Java Developer, Vedel IT Services Sdn. Bhd. worked directly with Chris at S|E|B


“Chris Was My colleague in APSG group. I have always appreciated his thirst to improve and raise his knowledge and qualifications and bringing about cutting edge solutions. He is really talented and committed to his job.” June 4, 2011

Peyman SadeghiNetwork&Datacenter Architect/Technical Director, APSG group (Ashna professional services group) Ashna NET Co.
worked with Chris at ASHNA Samane


“Chris is smart and a wise person with positive thinking. He is very creative and enthusiastic developer. Because of his broad knowledge and experience in programming field, he is always seeking for new challenges and willing to help anyone anytime he can. He is fun to be with and a pleasure to deal with :)” May 5, 2011

Christina MaureenTalent Acquisition Manager, Vedel IT Services Sdn. Bhd.
worked with Chris at S|E|B


"Shayan is very friendly and extremely organized. He can work independently, and is able to perfectly multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner. Shayan always has the willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with all colleagues in the office. He would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue."

Mahdi Ziaei Quality Assurance, S|E|B worked with Chris at S|E|B 


"Perseverance in solving problems, great source of knowledge and beyond all of them a brainy, talented person in building up what I can mention as a future architecture, are some of his great attitudes. I personally enjoyed him in some time and mind consuming problems and I should confess without his aid I couldn't manage to solve them. Besides he cares about learning others and supporting colleagues and friends.

Roozbeh Goodarzi Banking Senior Analyst, Behpardakht  


"Truly inspiring & Intelligent software engineering hacker/artist with a beautiful way of doing things. I personally enjoy working with him and I hope I can do that again."

Loong FeiStaff Programmer Analyst , ON Semiconductor worked with Chris at ON Semiconductor 


"It's a regret that we can't work together for much longer, but our friendship will continue for a very long time. Chris is very helpful that he is willing to help me out with any IT designs challenges that I have. He is very knowledgeable in software architecture and solution design. I would definitely look forward to working with him again if opportunity arises." 

Louis, Kiat Ming Wong  , Staff Programmer Analyst , ON Semiconductor worked with Chris at ON Semiconductor 


“Chris is a hardworking programmer and I admire her enthusiasm. Good luck.” October 9, 2010

Farzaneh SabziProgrammer, Kafa worked directly with Chris at A-NET


“Chris is real software development enthusiast with nice theoretical background. I like to discuss software development challenges and architectural things with him.” May 24, 2010

Tomáš Hubálek , Staff Programmer Analyst , ON Semiconductor worked with Chris at ON Semiconductor 


 To find a genius j2ee architect, an intelligent software analyzer and designer, an incredible initiative developer, also a good friend, just meet Chris Shayan. I've worked with him for approximately two years and feel he is a deserving candidate for any software position. ” May 2, 2010

Mojtaba Naseh, Software Architect, A-Secure worked with Chris at ASHNA Samane   


“Chris is an extraordinary figure in software engineering realm. He is talented and experienced despite his young age. His enthusiasm and persistence to deliver outcome with good qualities, is definitely an admirable character. Well done!” November 20, 2009

Dennis Lee, System Engineering Manager, SLA Mobile worked with Chris at SLA Mobile  


“Chris is an intelligent hardworking guy, I wish him success in all stages of life...” October 17, 2009

Emad Shahidi, ISMS Speciallist, AI worked with Chris at ASHNA Samane 


“We worked on a number of projects together and we were close friends as well. I can't explain his technical skills but the only thing i can say is that, he is one of the most intelligent people i have ever known. you can count on his architectural and design skills. i miss working with him.” November 21, 2009

Reza Ghaffaripour, Senior Developer, BigPond worked directly with Chris at A-NET 


“Chris is an active and responsible developer, he has done many great jobs and I'm sure he is still keening for new great things to do. Good Luck Chris” October 29, 2009

Mohammad Darapour, Senior Software Engineer, Consolsys Sdn Bhd worked with Chris at A-NET 


If you want to develop a software successfully, you can count on him. Actually, he is one of the best Software Specialists that I have ever seen!

Noushin Khaki,  Senior Software Engineer, worked with Chris at A-NET

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