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While ago I read a book called "Reinventing Organizations" and it has a great segmentation on organization styles which a teal type is always sound tempting to me.

  • Teal Organizations. These organizations have great breakthroughs such as self-management (driven by peer relationships), wholeness (involving the whole person at work) and evolutionary purpose (let the organization adapt and grow, not being driven). To become a Teal organization, CEO must drive the change and CEO must be fully supported by board and members. 

I designed "Lean Leadership" to help leaders to minimize total time through the loop of Lean Leadership model and we provide the right tool as well which is called

We've released the new version of which is a simple, straight and very intuitive product to use. After you sign up (which is free for now) you can have your own dedicated customized web address that you can control what to be shown or hide; here is my address: and in order to customize the public profile you should go to dashboard and then "Preferences / Customize public profile".

The brand new release of has following updates:

  • Each leader can have a public profile for free, my address:
  • Uploading list of employees has been simplified significantly
  • All communication to employees on collecting scores or feedback is only through emails, which it has simplified, every employee based on "Schedule Leadership Process" will get an email like below which is trying to collect score on one measurement call "Stress Management.

  • New release of comes with pre-defined list of metrics and tight to time schedules that will automatically will collect the feedback and "theLeader Score". Also if a leader would like to try the advance configuration, he can follow this process as shown in below:

New release of has been improved significantly. Go ahead and try it on and get your employees to evaluate you on different metrics. | strive for great leadership
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