Life Philosophy

Regarding meaning of life there are plenty of philosofical questions concerning the significance of life. Personally myself I believe in working for living, not living to work. Therefore I always do my best to achieve a balanced lifestyle; doing my job, writing articles for my web site, spending time with people whom make me happy and exercise.

My life has been inspired by various truely unique gurus such as Friedrick Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Jean- Paul Sartre. Besides I am extremely into Persian litrature specially Rumi, Hafiz, Khayyam and Saadi.

I am truly inspired by studying books and articles on various life perspectives which made me come out with following sections:

First Perspective

To know or not to know, this is the question

What a conspicuous phrase. Shakespear is one of my bests. After living for almost three decades, I have struggled and realized in most of life stages we are pinned on dualism sickness. I managed to find a workround which helps me to avoid such inexorable issue. The cure is from the origin of sickness, a dualism for dualism. Following phrase is my workround:

to know or not to know this is the questions

Inspired by Shakespear




Second Perspective

Embrace the future as it emerges

I am a software person who believes in teamwork. According to my experiences as well as researches, I perceived that most of software failures are due to lack of communication. There are always so many ways for communication but why still failure?

Alas we are forgeting about the element of software teams which are humans. We just stereotype them as resource. Hence we can never help them on their development despite the fact that individual success tends to enhance communication and team success; therefore it is a win-win model.

Having had these concerns, somehow google helped discovering Theory U and its vision that helps fellows to learn from future. What I obtained is that we have to embrace the future as it emerges and adapt ourselves with its tsunamis. Besides it is resembling these layers as well: open mind, open heart and open will.